Shoulder Pain

Shoulders are some of the most mobile joints in our bodies, with the rotator cuff allowing us a generous range of motion as well as rotation. This is especially important for most sports and weight lifting but having a healthy, properly functioning shoulder is for everyone! Unfortunately, all of that movement requires a complex series of muscles and joints to work in unison and when one area suffers a strain or injury, using that shoulder becomes troublesome. Continuing to use that shoulder can cause your pain to worsen as swelling and stiffness set in.

Regenerative Medicine is an evolving field of medicine with a lot of research and promising outcomes. Thousands of studies have been published to establish its validity when it comes to certain chronic conditions, including Shoulder pain. Dr. Roshni Patel is an expert in the field of regenerative medicine and Shoulder pain therapy. Below is a checklist you can ask yourself to see if treatment could be for you:

  • Are you experiencing shoulder pain?
  • Has the pain lasted for more than three months?
  • Is it affecting your quality of life?
  • Are you looking for an alternative to steroid injection?
  • Did Physical therapy fail to resolve Shoulder pain?
  • Are you looking for an alternative to surgical procedures?
  • Are you looking for minimal downtime and long term pain relief?

If the answer to all the above questions is yes, then you should consider Regenerative Injection Therapy to treat painful shoulder conditions.

Shoulder Pain Causes and Symptoms

Shoulder pain can occur naturally as we age or a traumatic event can trigger lasting pain. What is important to know is that chronic or sharp shoulder pain needs to addressed as soon as possible. By not treating your shoulder and continuing to try to operate normally could only aggravate the wound. The cartilage that is at risk will only continue to wear and nerves could eventually sustain permanent damage! Below are some of the more common instances where shoulder pain will arise:

Rotator Cuff Tear: This is when the muscles or tendons holding the shoulder in the socket tear and aren’t performing their task. You feel a chronic ache and the pain worsens as you move your arm away from your body.

Shoulder Labrum Tear: Tissue near the connective socket of the shoulder. Your shoulder ‘catches’ or locks when you move your arm

Shoulder Overuse: This usually presents itself as a dull ache and stiffness that is the result of overuse in a short period of time.

Shoulder Osteoarthritis: A symptom of aging, gradual degeneration of the shoulder joint leads to a reduction of cartilage, bone on bone contact, and nerve aggravation.

Shoulder Pain Treatment Options

Our shoulders are tasked with taking a lot of strain and daily use, and many of our daily tasks wouldn’t be possible without them. That’s why maintaining their optimal health is so important. Not only does it allow you to remain active, do fun things with your friends and family, but also give you the freedom to perform normal everyday tasks effortlessly and pain-free!

Regenerative injection therapy is a cutting edge breakthrough treatment offered by Dr. Roshni Patel to treat Shoulder pain, injuries, and degradation. Treat conditions such as degenerative disc disease, stenosis, failed back surgery, post-fusion, spondylosis, Sacroiliac joint, torn or painful discs, facet injuries, and other painful degenerative Shoulder conditions

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP uses patients own growth factor to heal and regenerate the problem areas by improving blood supply and triggering a healing cascade to proliferate and remodel the tendons and ligament to heal chronic pain

  • Post injection the patient will experience 1-2 weeks of inflammation which is our goal so the body can trigger the healing process.
  • At 2-8 weeks the area undergoes proliferation, which is like saying ‘the construction has started’ where activated fibroblasts are recruited to begin the formation of new blood vessels and provisional matrix
  • And beyond six weeks is the remodeling phase during which the type 3 collagen will be replaced with type 1 collagen, essentially restoring the tissue to healthy function.

Platelet-rich plasma injection therapy makes it possible to heal painful musculoskeletal pain and injuries using the patient’s own blood.

Eliminate Shoulder Pain Today With Platelet-rich Plasma

Shoulder pain can severely impact your quality of life, preventing you from doing simple things like carrying groceries or throwing a baseball. Don’t let shoulder pain stop you from living life. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Roshni Patel and find relief for your pain! Contact us today to learn more.


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