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Providing Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetics Services in Farmington, CT and Surrounding Areas

CEPRM Center of Excellence in Pain & Regenerative Medicine is a leading provider of quality regenerative medical procedures that provide lasting results for repair and rejuvenation. Using only the most innovative and cutting edge technologies and therapies, our experts offer above standard care to patients suffering from joint pain, back pain, the signs of aging, and more. Established in 2019, our main goal is to provide regenerative medicine and concierge based pain medicine. We aim to make a difference in the way we practice medicine in spending the extra time to educate, heal, and care for our patients.

Our practice is providing results-driven and evidence-based regenerative medical procedures to patients who have tried conservative methods that have failed. As a more natural healing option, regenerative medical therapies like platelet-rich plasma performed by our experienced professionals are helping patients get results with little to no recovery time. Our patients benefit from top tier patient-tailored care, industry-leading technology, and medical practices, and private treatment suites.

Improve Your Quality of Life at CEPRM Center of Excellence in Pain & Regenerative Medicine

Whether you are visiting us for a musculoskeletal condition, aesthetic service, or sexual wellness procedure our team is standing by and ready to assist you with industry-leading knowledge. Our team is headed by Dr. Roshni Patel, a quadruple board-certified physician in the field of Pain Medicine, Brain Injury Medicine, Headache Medicine, and Neurology – she is one of the only two physicians worldwide and considered highly qualified and trained in her field of medicine. With over 20 years of experience in regenerative medicine, aesthetics, and patient-tailored care, our patients rest assured they are receiving the best care possible.

Interested in learning more about our services? Book an appointment with us today. We’re standing by and ready to assist you with all of your medical needs.

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