Neck and Back Pain

Neck and back pain can occur suddenly and take your breath away. It can present itself as a dull ache or as a sharp pain. When you experience pain in these areas, it is usually a signifier of a more serious underlying issue. You need to take extremely good care of your neck and back because after all, it is the ‘highway’ for the central nervous system, which influences the capabilities of your entire body! That is why it’s important to consult a professional who can diagnose the source of your pain and provide thorough treatment.

Regenerative Medicine for Neck & Back Pain

Regenerative Medicine is an evolving field of medicine with a lot of research and promising outcomes. Thousands of studies have been published to establish its validity when it comes to certain chronic conditions, including neck and back pain. Dr. Roshni Patel is an expert in the field of regenerative medicine and Back & neck pain therapy. Below is a checklist you can ask yourself to see if treatment could be for you:

  • Are you experiencing neck and back pain?
  • Has the pain lasted for more than three months?
  • Is it affecting your quality of life?
  • Are you looking for an alternative to steroid injection?
  • Did Physical therapy fail to resolve neck and back pain?
  • Are you looking for an alternative to surgical procedures?
  • Are you looking for minimal downtime and long term pain relief?

If the answer to all the above questions is yes, then you should consider Regenerative Injection Therapy, or platelet-rich plasma, to treat painful neck and back pain conditions.

Dr. Patel, with over twelve years of Pain Management experience, has expert knowledge in regenerative medicine and is able to offer the best possible outcomes to patients looking for an alternative to surgical treatment.

What Causes Neck and Back Pain?

The back and neck area is an extremely complex system of muscles, tendons, bones, joints, and nerves. If one of these elements is injured or strained, the effects can multiply because everything is so interconnected. It takes a trained professional to accurately find the source of your pain and provide the correct treatment. Below are some of the common causes attributed to back and neck pain:

  • Overuse, strenuous activity, or improper use, such as repetitive or heavy lifting
  • Blunt trauma, injury, or fractures
  • Degeneration of vertebrae due to aging
  • Abnormal growth, bone spur
  • Obesity, which places increased pressure on your discs
  • Ligament or muscle tears
  • Arthritis
  • Protruding or herniated (slipped) disk and pinched nerve
  • Osteoporosis and compression fractures

How To Get Rid Of Neck and Back Pain

It is important to receive comprehensive treatment for back and neck pain because if you don’t resolve the issue at its source, it could continue to worsen, spread, or even cause permanent damage. You should always consult with a trusted medical professional about non-surgical options because they might get you the results you need without ever having to see a surgery table.

Regenerative injection therapy is a cutting edge breakthrough treatment offered by Dr. Roshni Patel to treat back and neck pain, injuries, and degradation. Treat conditions such as degenerative disc disease, stenosis, failed back surgery, post-fusion, spondylosis, Sacroiliac joint, torn or painful discs, facet injuries, and other painful degenerative back and neck conditions

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP uses patients own growth factor to heal and regenerate the problem areas by improving blood supply and triggering a healing cascade to proliferate and remodel the tendons and ligament to heal chronic pain

  • Post injection the patient will experience 1-2 weeks of inflammation which is our goal so the body can trigger the healing process.
  • At 2-8 weeks the area undergoes proliferation, which is like saying ‘the construction has started’ where activated fibroblasts are recruited to begin the formation of new blood vessels and provisional matrix
  • And beyond six weeks is the remodeling phase during which the type 3 collagen will be replaced with type 1 collagen, essentially restoring the tissue to healthy function.

Platelet-rich plasma injection therapy makes it possible to heal painful musculoskeletal pain and injuries using the patient’s own blood.

Get Relief For Your Back & Neck Pain

Back and neck pain can severely impact your quality of life, preventing you from performing the simplest of tasks like standing or turning your head. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Roshni Patel and find relief for your pain! Contact us today to get more information about what treatment options are right for you!


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