Foot and Ankle Pain

We live in times where everyone seems to be in a rush, constantly moving from one event to the next, and we rely on our feet to get us there quickly and efficiently. Suffering from foot or ankle pain can make daily tasks a struggle, or in some cases impossible. Foot and ankle pain can present itself in many forms. Some conditions only cause pain only when pressure is applied or when moved a certain way. Others cause chronic pain and inflammation that will only continue to worsen with strain.

Regenerative Medicine is an evolving field of medicine with a lot of research and promising outcomes. Thousands of studies have been published to establish its validity when it comes to certain chronic conditions, including Foot and Ankle pain. Dr. Roshni Patel is an expert in the field of regenerative medicine and Foot and Ankle pain therapy. Below is a checklist you can ask yourself to see if treatment could be for you:

  • Are you experiencing foot and ankle pain?
  • Has the pain lasted for more than three months?
  • is it affecting your quality of life?
  • Are you looking for an alternative to steroid injection?
  • Did Physical therapy fail to resolve foot and ankle pain?
  • Are you looking for an alternative to surgical procedures?
  • Are you looking for minimal downtime and long term pain relief?

If the answer to all the above questions is yes, then you should consider Regenerative Injection Therapy to treat painful foot and ankle conditions. Dr. Patel, with over 12+ years of Pain Management experience, has expert knowledge in regenerative medicine and is able to offer the best possible outcomes to patients looking for an alternative to surgical treatment.

What Causes Foot and Ankle Pain?

Foot and ankle pain can occur when the joint is hit with a traumatic force like falling from a distance onto your heel or the very common occurrence of ‘rolling’ your ankle as you misstep. The tendons in your feet and ankle are also very prone to strains and tears from simple things like sudden movements or placing uneven weight on your foot. Below is a list of other very common foot and ankle conditions:

Achilles Tendonitis: Dull persistence ache, usually caused by overuse and continually repetitive motions, or as the result of unusually high

Plantar Fasciitis: One of the most common causes of heel pain, occurs when too much pressure is placed on the bottom of the foot, aggravating the tissue at the base of the heel.

Foot & Ankle Osteoarthritis: General deterioration of the foot and ankle joints, damaged or thinning cartilage causes stiffness, pain, and may be accompanied by a painful ‘locking’ of the joint.

Tendons & Ligament Tears: Signified by sudden sharp pain, a ‘popping’ sound and followed by swelling in the region of the tear.

Foot and Ankle Pain Treatment Options

Because we are constantly on our feet and mobilizing our ankle joint, it can be especially prone to injury if not properly taken care of. That is also why foot injuries tend to worsen because when we injure our feet it is very difficult to keep our weight off of the injured foot. It’s important to have foot and ankle pain examined by a specialist as soon as you can to stop and repair any damage.

Regenerative injection therapy is a cutting edge breakthrough treatment offered by Dr. Roshni Patel to treat Foot and Ankle pain, injuries, and degradation of the joint.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP uses patients own growth factor to heal and regenerate the problem areas by improving blood supply and triggering a healing cascade to proliferate and remodel the tendons and ligament to heal chronic pain

  • Post injection the patient will experience 1-2 weeks of inflammation which is our goal so the body can trigger the healing process.
  • At 2-8 weeks the area undergoes proliferation, which is like saying ‘the construction has started’ where activated fibroblasts are recruited to begin the formation of new blood vessels and provisional matrix
  • And beyond six weeks is the remodeling phase during which the type 3 collagen will be replaced with type 1 collagen, essentially restoring the tissue to healthy function.

Platelet-rich plasma injection therapy makes it possible to heal painful musculoskeletal pain and injuries using the patient’s own blood.

Find Relief For Your Foot and Ankle Pain Today

Foot and ankle pain can seriously affect your quality of life. Restore your foot health and enjoy the benefits of being as mobile as you once were! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Roshni Patel and find relief for your pain! Contact us today to learn more.


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